Crochead Mozzie Coil Holders

At Crochead Pty Ltd we decided to take up the fight against Big Box conglomerates. After being rejected from Ray's Outdoors, BCF, Ananconda, Coles, Wooolworths, Super Retail ....what ever you name only a few!

Our locally handmade stainless steel "crochead" mosquito coil holder has been rejected by these Big Box conglomerates, why you ask?? Basically because.....

  • it is not disposable so you do not break it and need to buy another one
  • it is not from china and costs only 2 cents so they can mark it up by 400% and make super profits
  • it is their choice to not support their local economies who are supporting them
  • it is all about greed and money - dictating to the market rather than the market dictating to them

As these Big box stores are popping up over the country, changing the landscape as they go. Pushing out the small independent retailers with their cheap chinese imports, as it floods the markets and the consumer corporations make record profits with their super retail groups. The corner stores are disappearing, local hardware shops just aren't seen near a Bunnings. 

Crochead is about the small guys, the largest employer in the country is Small Business.
We won't have an economy, if we don't have small business. 

Australia needs to start waking up and looking after the little guy, the local corner shop, the local butcher, the local farmers markets.