Great Escape Camping is an Authorised Australian Dealer and fan of Leatherman products. It all started in 1975 when  Tim Leatherman and his wife travelled to Europe and bought a $300 used Fiat to get around in. He had brought a pocketknife along for the journey, but it lacked the tools he needed to keep the unreliable car on the road, and so after 8 years in the making the Leatherman Multi-tool with pliers was born.

Leatherman are known for their commitment to quality, materials used, workmanship and the functionality of each product they make. Best known is the Leatherman Wave. The light and robust pocket tool includes a screwdriver, saw, pliers, corkscrew, can opener and many other tools. Design and features are well thought out to the last detail.

All Leatherman Multi-tools include a 25-year guarantee.

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