Camping Bedding

Sleeping Gear

A camping trip in the great outdoors can be ruined without a good night's sleep.Great Escape Camping offer advice on how to choose between camping stretchers, sleeping mats or air mattresses. Identify the features and benefits of each, and determine which is best for you and your family for your next camping trip.

Sleeping Bags, Stretchers, Sleeping Mats & Air Beds for Camping

Stay comfortable when camping or sleeping outside with Great Escape Camping's selection of stretchers, mats, air beds and camping accessories for sleeping. If lightweight convenience is most important, self inflating mats may be best for you. Air beds or air mattresses can be very comfortable and ideal for family camping and larger tents. Stretchers are elevated and keep you away from direct contact with the hard ground. 

For more information or to ask any questions you may have, give the Great Escape team a call.