How to Secure your Gazebo

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People know it is really important that your gazebo should be set up in a very sturdy condition. However, just a few people really know how to anchor your gazebo correctly.


One of the most common questions we get asked is how do I stop my Gazebo from flying away. Today, we would like to share how to secure your gazebo to decrease the risk of your gazebo breaking or moving camp.


Step One

Make sure the canopy has been pulled all the way down on the corners, this is the biggest reason for water pooling.


Step Two

Tighten straps from the canopy to the frame, this also is for water pooling


Step Three

Peg your feet, make sure all the feet has pegs in them, skipping one can make a difference especially if the wind is coming from that direction.


Step Four

Use all guy ropes this is what is holds your gazebo down and is keeping it stable not the feet peg


Step Five

Guy ropes tied at 45 degree angle works best and if you can attach the rope around the frame not the stitched on tab.


Step Six

In an event of a storm you should drop your Gazebo to its lowest height and re tie the guy ropes. That is if you can’t pack up and leave remember storms can rip a roof of a house so even a small storm can destroy gazebos.


Step Seven

For hard surfaces you will need to use weights for the feet and weights for the guy ropes, just using weights for the feet will not hold the gazebo if a good wind blows in.




If you follow all the above steps but use the metal pegs provided and are camping in sand you gazebo can and will still fly away. If camping on sand make sure you grab some good quality sand pegs, usually 300mm sand pegs will do but if you are on soft sand go for the 470mm pegs or if you have a cordless drill grab some screw pegs.




We hope this helps the next time you get the chance to get away and enjoy the outdoors.




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