Sleeping Bags

Looking at buying a comfortable sleeping bag for a good night sleep? We've got a huge range of sleepoing bags to suit kids to adults and purposes to suit the kids school camp through to climbing Mount Kosciuszko.

When choosing a sleeping bag there are quite a few things to consider. Here's a short list to think about:

Budget - Are you a seasoned camper, or just going away for one-off weekend.

Size and Weight - If you're hiking you won't want to be lugging a big heavy canvas sleeping bag around with you. If you're a Big and Tall person you also won't want to be cocooned in a sleeping bag designed for 5'5".

Outer Material (Shell) - Does the sound of a rustling sleeping bag wake you or your partner up? then maybe a cotton based outer might be the way to go.

Fill Material - While 'Down' is one of the best materials for retaining heat, it's also subject to deteriorating with age and also not suited to being compressed for long periods of time. So if your not using it regulary enough you might be better off looking at Synthetic based filling.

Temperature - Most sleeping bags are suited to warm or cold climates. There's not that one bag that fits all, however there are some sleeping bags that have removable liners for warmer climates. There is also sleeping bag liners that can be purchased so your favourite summer sleeping bag can be utilised in colder climates.

Make it a Double - Spending time with your partner camping outdoors? Many sleeping bags offer the ability to be combined together to form 1 larger sleeping bag. Hooded models typically have a Left or Right option available, while most un-hooded models can be turned around and joined together.