OZtrail Gazebos

Australia's Favourite Gazebo. OZtrail Gazebos come in a variety of models from the OZtrail compact model to fit in a car, the ever popular OZtrail Deluxe model, through to the comemrcial gazebo range. There's the 2.4 gazebo, 3m gazebo, 4.5 and 6m gazebo siezs. 

The ideal shelter for a BBQ in the backyard, Market Stall,  Campground and down by the beach, you'll see why OZtrail gazebos are everywhere.

Fiesta Compact Gazebo

The OZtrail compact gazebo is a fun range of gazebos for the outdoor enthusiast that is looking for a simple, portable and instant shade option that can easily fit into the back of a car. Perfect for providing temporary shade at the campsite, park or backyard.

Compact pack size

Oztrail understand that not everyone has the space to transport a regular gazebo. For this reason, we have designed the CPT frame system exclusively for this range. The staged leg system allows for a quick and easy setup, while maintaining a compact pack size that will fit into the back of most small cars and SUV’s.

Excellent coverage and water shedding capabilities

The CPT frame design showcases an open roof arch and offset frame for excellent shade coverage and improved water shedding capabilities. Should the gazebo be caught temporarily in any inclement weather, the roof rails under the canopy will reduce the chance of water pooling on your gazebo. Perfect for a campsite set up.

A size and colour to suit everyone

- We encourage you to turn your next outdoor adventure into a party with this fun range of four colour variations. Featuring a Silver Coated 150 Denier polyester canopy, we offer a small 2.4 x 2.4m size suitable for a small market stall; right up to the 4.8 x 2.4m size that can accommodate larger groups.

Fiesta Deluxe Gazebo

Inspired by the ever popular Deluxe range of gazebos, the Fiesta Deluxe series was purposely designed with a slimline DL frame for a reduced weight and pack size. The ideal affordable option for those occasional users that want to enjoy the benefits of a Deluxe style of gazebo, without the excess bulk.

Space conscious pack size

This range has utilised the DL frame system that features heavy duty 28mm tubular steel leg sections with a two stage system for a compact pack size and weight. Set up and transportation of these gazebo units will be easy.

Quality frame design

Manufactured from heavy duty steel with ABS componentry, this reinforced cross gable design is renowned for its strength and stability in windy conditions. The perfect portable shade for camping or beach use.

Customise with accessories

A massive range of accessories are available to customise all sizes of this fun gazebo range. Whether it is a wall kit for your 2.4m gazebo or inner tent kit for your 3.0m gazebo, the sky is the limit.

Deluxe Gazebo

The Deluxe series of gazebos is a crowd favourite. A tough, durable and easy to set up marquee that takes advantage of the heavy duty DLX frame style with reinforced cross gables for increased strength in windy conditions. Great for market stalls, beach or camping use.

Tried and tested design

You would be hard pressed to go to any market, campsite, park or sporting event and not find an OZtrail Deluxe Gazebo. A testament to not only the popularity but also the quality of the product. Over 300,000 gazebo owners don’t lie!

Certified temporary shade structure

Many market stall operators and government agencies are required to use gazebos that have received certification by the Australian Engineers to meet the Building Code of Australia for sufficiency of design for temporary shade structures. We can confirm that the DLX frame ticks this box and is therefore a favourite amongst our commercial users.

Heavy Duty materials and construction

Making sure that your gazebo survives the test of time is important to us. The Deluxe series features a heavy duty 300 Denier polyester canopy and heavy duty DLX steel frame with ABS componentry. Reinforced wear points and externally bound roof line seams to improve tension in the canopy are just a few other features that ensure the longevity of this model.

Commercial Gazebo

OZtrail Commercial range of gazebos utilises super heavy duty materials for the frequent user or corporate customer.

Heavy Duty Materials

The Commercial Series of gazebos set a high standard for materials. We have applied the toughest and most durable polyester in the canopies. The frame systems are manufactured from heavy duty steel with ABS componentry. These gazebo frames can truly stand up to the trial of frequent use.

A frame to suit every need

Even in the commercial range, we endeavour to cater to a wide range of needs. The range features the choice of two frame systems: the CPT frame for the market stall holder who is seeking a compact pack size; and the DLX frame that is renowned for its excellent strength and performance. With five sizes in the range, you are guaranteed to find a model to suit. All frames within this range have been certified for sufficiency of design for temporary shade structures.

A massive range of accessories available

It is not just the frame and canopy that make these gazebos interesting. It is the massive range of accessories that are available for all sizes to customise your gazebo. Whether it is a banner kit to brand your market stall or a sand bag kit to secure your gazebo on hard surfaces; the opportunities are endless.