At Great Escape Camping we stock a large range of quality tents from popup tents, dome tents, instant up/fast pitch tents, traditional canvas tents, a hiking tent for 1 through to large family tents all from leading brands such as Blackwolf, Coleman, MSR,  OZtrail and Roman Tents.

Styles of Camping Tents

Looking for a new tent for your next outdoor camping adventure, you've come to the right place.

There's a wide range of different tent styles available these days. To try and help you with your decision we'll explain the various types of tents we stock.

Instant Up / Fast Pitch Tents / Turbo Tents

One of the most popular tent styles in recent years and for a good reason. Fast Pitch tents are reasonably quick to erect letting you have camp set up quicker so you can relax sooner. Fast Pitch tents are built with their frame inbuilt to the tent, therefore reducing the need to put all those poles together.

Coleman Instant Up Tents  - These tents fall under the Fast Pitch / Fast to Pitch category, and are available in a good range of sizes from 4P to 10P.  These tents are ideal for singles needing storage space, couples to families.  The Coleman Instant up tents are a popular choice and a great range of tents from their silver series and gold series. Coleman is a long trusted brand in the outdoor industry.

Oztrail Fast Frame Tents - These tents also come under the Fast Pitch category and suit couples through to large families.  There is a size to suit everyone.  Benefits of the OZtrail Fast Frame range include the A frame style canopy that allows for optional walls to be utilised to estend the living space and functionality of the tent.


Dome Tents

Dome tents are without a doubt the most popular style of tent seen in campgrounds, on the beach and at festivals around Australia. Like Fast Pitch Tents, Dome Tents were a major change to tent designs. Today they are still popular as they traditionally offer a wide variety of designs and features to suit your application from single room to multiple rooms and suit from a single person to large families and at a reasonable price. We stock a huge range of dome tents from quality brands you can trust, such as, Coleman, OZtrail, Outdoor Connection and Roman.

Hiking Tents

Hiking tents are popular for bieng light weight and small in size. So small that a 2 person hiking tent can even get lost if a backpack!. While naturally aimed at those hitting the trails, hiking tents are also popular with bike riders looking for a little more space than a swag while also taking up less footrprint on the bike. They generally cost more due to the fabrics used to make them as light as possible yet can offer protection from the elements even when taking on the Australian Alps. We stock a huge range of hiking tents from quality brands you can trust, such as, Blackwolf, MSR, Coleman, OZtrail, and Outdoor Connection.

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents have been around for a while now and seem to have a love or hate following mostly due to not being able to fold it back down. However once you get the hang of it, they are extremely quick to setup and packdown. Perfect for muscial festivals or as a small tent for caravaners exploring an area for a day or 2 that they can't take the van to. They fold up small taking hardly any room and are very light. We stock a huge range of popup tents from quality brands you can trust, such as, OZtrail, Coleman, Roman and Outdoor Connection.

Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are one of the oldest designs around.  Big and bulky would be the words to describe cabin tents in comparison with other options available today. However they still serve a purpose and make for great large family tents when you typically go camping for a week or more in the one location. Most cabin tents are made from canvas, so are heavy duty but with newer designs don't look like the type of tent you went camping with as a kid with your parents or grandparents. We stock a huge range of cabin tents from quality brands you can trust, such as, OZtrail.



Glossary of terms used in the tent world

Tent jargon explained

  • Polyester: Sag resistance, good UV resistance.
  • Polyethylene (PE): A waterproof material that is tear and puncture resistant making this a strong material for tent floors.
  • Polyurethane (PU): A coating used on tent fabric for water protection; PU coatings are rated in MM (millimeters), for example "PU coated to 450 mm"; a higher MM coating will increase water resistance.
  • Fiberglass Frame: Strong and flexible, resilient in the wind.
  • Aluminum Frame: Lightweight, strong, great for backpackers.
  • Steel Frame: Creates upright walls, high strength.
  • Guylines: Used to add structure to the tent; as the tent poles flex in the wind, guylines will keep it upright and sturdy.
  • No-See-Um Mesh: Tightly woven mesh that provides a barrier against insects and allows for breathability and ventilation.
  • Anti-Wicking Materials: Thread, webbing and zippers treated to repel water rather than absorb water.
  • Shock-Corded: Elastic or wire cord run through the inside of the poles to keep the pole sections connected, thereby making tent assembly easier.
  • Taped Seams: Plastic tape applied over the seam (where the fabric pieces meet), during the manufacturing process, to cover needle holes for increased weather protection.
  • Doors: More common styles are "D" and "inverted T"; both generally have two layers, one fabric and one screen, and offer the ability to roll back the fabric and use the screen for ventilation and insect protection; tent doors feature zipper cuffs which add an additional layer of protection to the tent doo.