Camping Lighting

Camping lights have come a long way since the kerosene lantern espeically with the advent of LED lighting. There's a camp light for every occasion; tent night light, LED awning light kits, gazebo lighting, even flood lights to light up the campsite. Then there's the huge range of LED torches and headlamps to help light up your next outdoor adventure.


Light up the night with any of Great Escape's torches, headlamps, lanterns, spotlights or tactical lights. Whether it's to get extra light at the campsite or come to the rescue during a power outage, Great Escape offers quality equipment to bring bright illumination where you need it the most. Shop brands that provide ultrabright lighting no matter where you go such as Powa Beam, Black Diamond, LED Lenser, Oztrail, Coleman, Olight and many others for brightness you can rely on.